Thursday, 6 May 2010

Ceramics and Glass - Ionna Vautrin

I realized the other day that with my obsessive 'back-looking', I have been missing out on sharing some interesting contemporary items with all of you that I have seen in the last while.

In an effort to be more well rounded, let me present the ceramic and glass works of French designer Ionna Vautrin.

Many of the pieces on her site were created in collaboration with with Guillaume Delvigne and there is a strong industrial influence to the pieces.

These 'Fabbrica del vapore' vases are inspired by coloured smoke leaving chimneys...

...these ones were influenced by blast furnaces and industrial landscapes...
Rombas, 2008

...and these Bovisa meshed vases by gas tanks.

Many of her pieces have separate elements, as in the Bovisa below and can be reconfigured in different ways, making them more versatile.

I am quite interested in this pair's porcelain works and would love to see the textures in real life. They have combined glazed and matte textures which would feel lovely.
Vases texturés, 2006

Chapeaux pour vase - Industreal - 2004

These pierced baskets and boxes allow for self expression. You can either leave them plain and white, or you can cross-stitch any pattern or image you want onto them.

 Panier percĂ©, 2005

Perfect little shot of gnomey-ness for the bedroom, perhaps?

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