Monday, 10 May 2010

The Natural Linen Bed

As I am the type of person who feels ironing is a huge waste of time, and ironing bedsheets in real life absolutely nutty, I love the styled shots of rumpled linen beds that are cropping up lately.

It just makes so much sense. Like linen summer trousers, linen is supposed to be soft and creased, showing the traces of how it has been sat on and folded.

This bedroom featured in Caroline Clifton-Mogg's great book, All In The Detail (I highly recommend this book as a keeper and plan to get it as soon as!), is a perfect example. Simple and unfussy, the creased linen looks warm, soft and comfortable - the texture contrasting beautifully with the lushness of the velvet pillows.

I love how inviting and casual this room feels. Elegantly pulling on elements of old school luxury -crystal chandelier and velvet pillows, while combining ethnic detailing -the chunky side table and crude wooden bowl by the radiator, and elements from nature -antlers and twigs in the vase by the bed.

All colours are kept neutral, warm and faded, creating a serene and tranquil space.

The formal, tufted headboard in the bedroom below is a nice contrast to the casual treatment of the bedcover.

Here is another beautiful example of linen left to it's natural qualities. Love how the pooling curtains in the photos below crinkle their way into a puddle at the floor. So sumptuous.

images directly above via Greige

The two bedrooms in the open plan space above intrigue me. I would love to see what the actual 'rooms' felt like from the inside with the curtains drawn. Guessing they would feel like a cosy little nest. Sigh.

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