Friday, 23 April 2010

Cafe Cartolina

A great find on the House and Home website was the blog by Fiona Richards in Nelson (in British Columbia, Canada...not far from where I was hatched!) called Cafe Cartolina. This mountain lady has a great eye for vintage finds.

She also produces a lovely range of vintage inspired staionary which you can see/buy here! My particular favourite is below...ahem...

Though these are gorgeous too:

She posted the following vintage-themed pics which I wanted to share:

The saturated yellow walls in this place really glow.

Not sure if this is the same home, but if it is, it must be eye poppingly gorgeous!

Moving into calmer waters. This one is quite rustic-ly elegant.

 As are these:


I am quite sure the last four photos of are of different homes, but if I could combine them into one, I could live quite happily there!

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