Friday, 30 April 2010

VT Wonen Magazine

Thanks to Leah Moss's recent post at Apartment Therapy, I have recently discovered an interiors mag from the Netherlands, VT Wonen, which is now my second favourite 'shelter' mag, after Living Etc. (which Bubby the house elf announces loudly as my 'house porn' with the arrival of every new issue!).

It is a fantastic magazine, with a huge backlog of past issues available to view online.  They are worth taking the time to troll through.

The aesthetic is that clean, crisp, fresh one that the Dutch excel at, but with a heavy emphasis on vintage details. Gorgeous - and right up this owl's alley!

Here are a couple of my favourites.

From what I can piece together with my lack of Dutch, this is 'Derk's' cosy home in Amsterdam:
There is a warm mix of ethnic and fun details like the monster pillow below.

The following is Marianne Brandi's home in Copenhagen, which has a silvery-glamorous, French feel mixed in with the clean Dutch vibe. Click on the image for a closer look at the collection of sculptural antlers on the desk.

Shiny grouped treasures, a textural throw and a sumptuous tufted headboard give a subtle elegance to the bedroom.

A unique idea for framing a small piece of art in a casual and fun way.

Watch for more VT Wonen images in future. This publication is a keeper. (Guess now I have to learn Dutch as well as Swedish. Eep.)

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